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Spherical roller bearings

With the same center as the bearing, the spherically formed outer ring raceway can make self-alignment. Their rolling elements linearly come into contact with the raceways of inner ring and outer ring. The Spherical Roller Bearings can take great radial load.

1) Spherical roller bearings are principally provided with two rows of symmetrical spherical rollers and a common sphere raceway in out ring, the two inner ring raceways are included at an angle to the bearing axia

2) The bearings have good self-aligning ability and can operate when the shaft deflection under load or the shaft deflection under load or the shaft misaligning in mounting, and their permissible aligning angle is 1 to 2.5 degree

3) This type of bearings has heavy load carrying capacity and anti-impact ability, in addition to radial loads, they also can carry axial loads in two directions

4)In general, this type of bearings permits a low limiting speed.

injection molding machines, crane hooks, vertical pumps,live centers in lathes, lead screws, automotive clutches, kingpin supports, speed reducers

239K Series, 230K Series, 240K30 Series, 231K Series, 241K30 Series, 222K Series, 232K Series, 213K Series, 223K Series

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