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Slewing drive

FRB Slewing Drives are powered with hourglass worm technology for maximum gear torque and the smoothest rotation. Typical slew drive applications include solar industry, truck cranes, man lifts, utility equipment, hydraulic attachments, oil tool equipment, marine cranes, tire handlers, digger derricks and automotive lifts, but the slew drives are used in many other applications requiring load holding and rotational capability. We offer different slew drive models with different moment load capacities.

The standard slew drives are fitted with an open housing and single self locking hourglass worm shaft. Once the power source input is returned to neutral, the worm shaft will lock the load into position without requiring any external braking device.

The slew drive can be with worm gear and helical gear. And also for the inside slewing ring, it can be single-row ball slewing ring, and also can be double-row ball slewing ring. The one with double-row can take much more load. It can be chosen depended on your application.

Depending on the application,Slewing Drive are divided into four types:

1.Enclosed Slewing Drive
●FRB designed it in enclosed to resist wind, rainstorm and other harsh environment, it can working outdoor.
● It can solved the problem of two objects relative rotation.
● It is the one of the most widely used slewing drive of FRB, has been recognized by the Europe and America market.

2.Precise Slewing Drive
●Accuracy of this product, which is above 0.05°, is designed to achieve high-precision tracking.
●The enclosed & combined precision structure simplifies design and reduces cost for customers with integrated design at azimuth and elevation.

3.Open Housing Slewing Drive
●S series designing facilitate customer always monitor the using of equipment, easy maintenance.
●This Slewing drive designed with hourglass worm shaft, multi-tooth contacting and higher torque.

4.Slew Drive with Worm Gear
●FRB BEARINGS optimal design for the housing base, it is thinner, higher strength, and full sealed design, which suitable for use in the wild.
●FRB BEARINGS designed with full sealed which can effectively prevent corrosion of wind, sand, water on the device.

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