What should I do if the excavator slewing bearing have abnormal sound?

As the excavator slewing bearing generally works under heavy load, the working environment is abnormal, and the failure frequency of swing bearing is high. Abnormal sound is one of the most common failures,the reasons are analyzed from the following aspects:

1.The mounting surface is uneven or the mounting bolts are loose
In case of abnormal sound, make sure it is not due to the installation operation. When the installation surface is uneven and exceeds a certain standard data, it will cause a gap in the raceway and generate abnormal noise. In addition, when the pinion gear teeth do not fit well, it may also produce abnormal sound, which may also lead to the failure of broken teeth. In addition, when the installation bolt is loose, leading to the elastic deformation of the slewing ring and the negative clearance of the deformation position, immediate inspection is required to tighten the bolts as required.

2.There are foreign bodies in the turntable bearings
When there are sand grains, iron chips and other foreign bodies in the interior of the swing bearing, there will be non-periodic vibration, and there will also be a failure of flexible rotation. When this happens, it is necessary to clean the relevant parts strictly and remove the foreign matter in the lubricant timely. Remember to avoid using plastic holders with impure or foreign materials.

3. The grease problem is caused
The excavator slewing bearing is lubricated by grease, and the abnormal sound is probably caused by lubrication problems.

4.Check whether the sealing strip is worn
Because the structure of the slewing bearing sealing strip plays a key role in the sealing performance. When the seal strip cannot be fully attached to the slewing bearing, it is easy to cause grease leakage. In addition, the anti-aging and anti-yellowing properties of the sealing strip materials are also issues to be considered.

5.Abnormal sound caused by crack, indentation or rust
When there are cracks, indentations or rust on the rolling surface of the swing bearing, periodic vibrations like rivets are also heard, and the scars will be continuously heard on the channel, and the scars will appear and disappear on the steel ball. And the noise will vary with the installation and lubrication conditions. The solution is not to hit the bearing or use high viscosity grease when installing.

6.Abnormal sound caused by serious wear of raceway and rolling body
The abnormal sound of the excavator in the course of rotation may also be caused by severe wear on the raceway and rolling body of the slewing ring, which requires the maintenance of the swing bearing.

FRB BEARINGS remind you:
When the slewing bearing is idling soon after the factory is finished, the even rolling sound of steel ball will be produced, which is a normal sound. If the installation is not long, the appearance of small abnormal sound does not matter, the situation will generally disappear after a period of rotating and grinding.