Compared with the advantages and disadvantages of rotary table bearing and crossed roller bearings

Rotary Table Bearing and cross roller bearings on the function and structure are similar, such as high rigidity, high precision, stable rotation torque, long life and other aspects of performance. In industrial robot joints, nc rotary table, dividing disc, vertical grinding machine, direct drive motor, precision medical equipment and other high-precision processing equipment more and more to abandon the traditional design, the better performance of high precision cross roller bearings.

Rotary Table Bearing domestic popular also called turntable bearing or rotary bearing, is a German company developed a kind of similar to the three row roller rotary bearing structure of the bearing type, relative to the three row roller combination of rotary bearing structure, the advantages of small size, precision grade, high rigidity, high bearing load and resistance to damage, etc. It is mainly used in high-precision CNC turret, nc dial, vertical machining center, vertical grinding machine, military radar and precision medical equipment.

Cross roller bearing is also called cross roller bearing, rolling body generally adopts the cylindrical roller or tapered roller arranged on a single roll road cross each other, through retainer or isolation between roller and roller spacing block, has the high rotating accuracy, the appearance of large bearing capacity, small size and high rotation speed and rigidity, has the very wide range of USES. It is suitable for industrial robot joint, CNC rotary table, DD motor, medical equipment and so on.

Rotary Table Bearing and cross-roller bearings have the advantage of not exceeding the traditional bearing in all respects.

Advantage of the turntable bearing
1. precision grades of rotary table bearing can achieve much higher than that of cross roller bearing, can achieve the radial, axial beating far below the cross roller bearings.
2. Rotary table bearing rigid than cross roller bearings, bearing running noise than cross roller bearing is small, so the work in low noise environment, choose the rotary table bearing is much better.
3. with the size of the rotary table bearing load tolerances are much higher than that of cross roller bearing, rotary table bearing size much larger than the cross roller bearing, so the rotary table bearing were higher in carry more load.

Advantage of the cross roller bearing
1. cross roller bearing can be easily assembled in every direction of spindle, can realize mass production through standardization and seriation, use more convenient assembly.
2. cross roller bearings can withstand radial and axial load at the same time, so the cross roller bearings can be set of composite bearing structure to simplify a lot more.
3. cross roller bearings with high efficacy and low heat, grease cost little.
4. cross roller bearing radial and axial size can limit, thus saving according to the space, can use a space again conditions require small size and high precision, high rigidity.

In terms of structure, rotary table bearing and cross roller bearing relatively simpler traditional bearing, roller bearing structure through multiple row cylindrical roller, you can get considerable axial, radial and overturning bearing capacity, the structure is relatively simple, and the traditional order must pass through many sets of bearings, can achieve the same effect, in the design and assembly has brought great convenience. Bearing three row roller slewing bearing structure and cross roller bearing single groove structure, compared with the traditional bearing, take up much smaller equipment space, assembly difficulty is also greatly reduced.

More convenient in installation ways, the rotary table bearing installation, mechanism design should be simplified, our company XRU FRB cross roller bearing series, XU, XRSU cross roller bearing has increased the mounting holes is designed, use effect also can match its installation, therefore, how to choose such a rotary table bearing, according to their own equipment accuracy and reasonable cost considerations, is cheap and fine cross roller bearings or choose high-end series; For maintenance, the lubricating oil were carried out two kinds of bearing hole and the oil groove design, bearing lubrication is convenient, adopt advanced aviation grease, often do not need to change the oil, the stability and bearing life is a series of security; Above all, cross roller bearing is suitable for precision processing equipment such as glass grinding machine, rotary table, industrial robot joints, precision nc rotary table, medical equipment, scientific instruments, measuring equipment and other fields, some special occasions with higher requirements can use rotary table bearing.