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Rotary Table Bearings

ROTARY TABLE BEARINGS consists of thrust/radial housing washer,a thrust/radial shaft,two Axial needle roller and cage assemblies and a group of radial cylindrical roller.Housing washer and shaft washer have equally sspaced fitting bolt.

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Crossed Roller Bearings

CROSSED ROLLER BEARINGS are lightweight, compact bearings with thinnest possible inner and outer rings with high rigidity, because of its vertical arrangement of cylindrical rollers with a 90°V groove through the separate spacers in the deep groove rolling surface.

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Thin Section Ball Bearings

THIN SECTION BEARINGS are always used in the circumstances, such as requiring small space, heavy load, light weight or limiting some special forms. The Thin-section bearing product line consists of a family of seven open and five sealed series.

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Slewing Ring Bearings

SLEWING RING BEARINGS are usually used for low revolution, carrying high thrust loads and/or combined with radial loads. They can be manufactured without teeth, with internal or external teeth, with balls and/or with rollers.

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Slewing Drive

SLEWING DRIVE, also named slewing gear drive, slewing reducer, are mainly applied in crane, excavator, engineering machinery, sun-tracking system etc, especially widely used in the solar energy PV power generation system.

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Tapered Roller Bearings

TAPERED ROLLER BEARINGS are a unique subset of axial roller bearings in which the rollers are tapered rather than straight right cylindrical. The roller shape allows thrust loads to be withstood in addition to the radial loads.

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Spherical Roller Bearings

SPHERICAL ROLLER BEARINGS,with the same center as the bearing, the spherically formed outer ring raceway can make self-alignment. Their rolling elements linearly come into contact with the raceways of inner ring and outer ring.

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Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Cylindrical Roller Bearings with cage are very rigid and have a high radial load capacity. Because of their cage, Cylindrical Roller Bearings are suitable for higher speeds than full complement Cylindrical Bearings.The inner and outer rings can be supplied with or without lips.

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Spherical Plain Bearings

SPHERICAL PLAIN BEARINGS' design makes them particularly suitable for bearings arrangements where alignment movements between shaft and housing have to be accommodated,or where oscillating or recurrent tilting or slewing movements.

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Compared with the advantages and disadvantages of rotary table bearing and crossed roller bearings

Rotary Table Bearing and cross roller bearings on the function and structure are similar, such as high rigidity, high precision, stable rotation torque, long life and other aspects of performance. In industrial robot joints, nc rotary table, dividing disc, vertical grinding machine, direct drive motor, precision medical equipment and other high-precision processing equipment more and more to abandon the traditional design, the better performance of high precision cross roller bearings.    Read more

How to check the failure of the IKO cross roller bearing in operation?

Machine designers are increasingly turning to crossed roller bearings for use in motion systems thanks to their high accuracy, rigidity and efficiency. This type of bearing uses alternately crossed rollers positioned at right angles to each other between inner and outer rings, which allows them to take radial, thrust and moment loads from any direction at the same time.How to check the failure of the IKO cross roller bearing in operation?    Read more

How to construct Crossed Roller Bearings for Optimal Rigidity and Easy Installation?

Crossed roller bearings are particularly suitable for applications with moderate rotational speed such as industrial robots, machine tools and medical equipment, especially because they come with a spacer to separate one roller from the other.How to construct Crossed Roller Bearings for Optimal Rigidity and Easy Installation?    Read more

What should I do if the excavator slewing bearing have abnormal sound?

What should I do if the excavator slewing bearing have abnormal sound?As the excavator slewing bearing generally works under heavy load, the working environment is abnormal, and the failure frequency of swing bearing is high. Abnormal sound is one of the most common failures,the reasons are analyzed from the following aspects..    Read more