Installation and maintenance information



◆Delivery - handling
Our slewing ring bearings are carefully packed to avoid damage in transit.Transportation and inventory should be placed horizontally. If the slewing bearings cannot be kept horizontally during transportation, special measures should be taken.As with any mechanical precision part, the slewing ring must be carefully handled to avoid any impact, especially in the radial direction.When handling, should be able to bear the bearing weight of the corresponding equipment, bearing weight has been noted in the label.

◆Storage - rust protection The packed slewing bearings have been treated with rust or corrosion resistance and can be stored indoors at room temperature for 6 months.Refill every 18 months.

◆Unpacking - preparation
When unpacking, note:
When wrapping paper, be careful to cut the protective sealing ring with sharp tools;
When cutting wrapping paper, it is best to begin removing it on the outside diameter.

Bearing degreasing:
Use standard industrial solvents and never use chlorinated solvents;
Be careful not to let the solvent flow into the sealing ring or raceway;
Remove the plastic plug or screw plug from the oil hole before fitting the grease nozzle or connecting the pipe.

When installing the bearing, the requirements for the supporting connection structure are as follows:
1. Ensure that the supporting structure meets the technical requirements.Ensure that the support has enough strength, the connection surface should be machined.
2. Check whether there are metal chips, welding particles and rust marks on the surface of the support seat.
3. The installation surface is smooth without sundries and burrs.For mechanical processing can not achieve the required flatness, can be used to inject the strength of the special plastic as filler, to ensure the accuracy of the installation plane and to reduce vibration.