Slewing drive information


FRB Bearings co.,ltd,the professional slewing drive and slewing ring manufacturer in China,is located in Luoyang City,Henan Province,China.Our products include slewing drives,slewing ring bearings and roller bearings,ball bearings,which are mainly applied in single or dual axis solar tracking systems,construction vehicles,port machinery,modular vehicles,small wind power systems and satellites.

Slewing drives are being chosen by customers home and aboard for PV/CPV and solar thermal tracking systems,wind turbines,and other new energies due to the combination of slewing ring with the hourglass worm shaft,which provides more tooth contact,increased drive torque and smoother rotation.There are many models available to meet both regular and precise tracking requirements in PV,CPV and solar thermal tracking systems.

FRB has been leading its competitors by being ISO9000 and drafting the first Industrial national standard of slewing drives and devotes itself to serve its customers with quality products,quick response,time delivery and cost-effectiveness,along with our research & development engineering team.