Slewing ring bearings information


FRB Bearings is a professional manufacturer and exporter of kinds of slewing bearings, thin section bearings and other bearings. From opened in 2003,we always supply excellent product and service to every users. Moreover, we have gained ISO9001 certificate for our control of quality. We specialized in slewing bearings and other medium and large size bearings. Product range is from 50mm to 5000mm.

We are very professional in controlling the quality of our product. Since we have very strong ability both in design and technical analysis, we can provide our customers with exact, suitable, economic products also the technical services. We’ve built up good relationship with our customers all over the world, especially in the Europe and USA market. Product is widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum exploitation, light industry, aviation, Harbor/quay, vessels, military industry, instruments and meters etc.

Our goal is to supply the customer with high quality, suitable produces and professional, prompt service to ensure your machine keep running!

FRB bearings with Reasonable price, Timely delivery, Responsible quality.

Examples for application
◆Areal Hydraulic Platform
◆Bogie Bearing for Vehical
◆Harbor and Shipyard Cranes
◆Machine Tools
◆Mechanical Engineering
◆Mobile Cranes
◆Offshore Technology
◆Packaging and Filling Machine
◆Rail Vehicle
◆Ship Deck Cranes