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CRU series cross roller bearings

Product Category:Cross Roller Bearings

Inside Diameter:20.00 to 350.00 mm
Outside Diameter:70.00 to 540.00 mm
Outer Width:8.00 to 45.00 mm

Gear Options:No Integral Gears

Features:Prelubricated; Relubricatable

Tel:0086 379 61110682

Fax:0086 379 63635252

Product details description

CHRU Standard Type(mounting holes, high rigidity)

CHRU series high rigid cross roller bearings because all the whole structure internal and external ring, with high rigidity, and installed with a hole, when installation, don't need fixed flange and housing, greatly simplified installation procedures, and no influence on installation precision, it is of high precision and large rotating torque, at the same time, can also according to the precision requirement free choice inner circle or outside of the rotating way with greater freedom of choice.